Paso Bamboo Farm & Nursery

Privacy Screen Specials


We offer a complete screen installation package priced per linear foot of desired screen length. For example, if you want a bamboo screen to cover 20 feet, then just multiply 20 by the cost per linear foot of option 1 or 2.  

The depth (or screen thickness) can be from 18″ to 30 inches. Thus in a narrow space you can have a very full bamboo screen.

The complete installation package includes:

Your choice of available bamboo species installed inside a root barrier enclosed area. 


Before and After Pictures with 15 gallon plants. Third picture, after the first spring shooting, you get very full coverage! Shows winter picture to hightlight bamboo’s cold tolerance and evergreen properties.

We use a root barrier designed for bamboo containment made of high density polyethylene which is made from recycled products that is 0.060″ thick and 30 inched in depth. 27 inches are buried, 3″ above grade filled in with mulch.   The buried root barrier keeps the bamboo where you want it and ensures that all growth is directed to fill in your screen.   This results in a very rapid screen fill-in.   

The plantings are then covered with a thick layer of wood mulch to conserve moisture, eliminate weeds and feed your bamboos as the mulch decomposes over time.   

The installation is then finished with drip irrigation system connected to a nearby water faucet with a battery operated irrigation controller to reduce your maintenance. 

Option 1:  5 gallon plants

6-8ft tall on 2 foot centers:  $95/ft (minimum of 20 feet required for this pricing)

Option 2: 15 gallon plants:

12-16+ft tall on 3 foot centers: $130/ft (minimum of 12 feet required for this pricing)

Most installations are completed in just 1 to 2 days, so you can enjoy your new privacy right away.  We take great care while hand digging and leave your yard very clean and tidy.  

With the 15 gallon plants your are essentially getting full size plants with very large root balls; the 1st spring after installation you will have a very full screen, as the new spring growth emerges and fills in between plants producing a full screen in record time.

With the 5 gallon option, complete size and fullness will occur in about 3-5 years.

Please call with any questions.        805-712-1759. That’s a direct line to Gavino.

If you want to save more and are up for  a challenge, we will be glad to provide the guidance and materials to help you doit yourself.

As with any planting, some maintenance is required. Bamboo maintenance is significantly less, twice a year, in late spring and fall, do a visual check around barrier perimeter to catch any rhyzome jumping over the barrier. Cut with sharp lopers.  As culms age, remove older culms to keep screen looking good.  Now you can have some fun making bamboo crafts with your harvested bamboo poles. Google “bamboo crafts” in image mode. We offer yearly maintenance services.  Please inquire. 

For maximum growth development and best appearance fertilize with a natural fertilizer such as horse manure or a good quality slow-release bamboo fertilizer from PasoBamboo, our 5 lb bags are $10.


Our sample bamboo room installation aka “Backyard Paradise” – here 15 gallon plants were installed 3 feet apart from each other


A year and a half later, we utilized our “Backyard Paradise” bamboo room to host the Chamber of Commerce Mixer in August




Enjoying the Chamber of Commerce Mixer!


▲ You can see that in a short span of time the bamboo greatly filled in providing a dense privacy screen