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Medium Sized Bamboo

Semiarundinaria Fastiuosa
Common Name: Temple Bamboo

Characteristics: Erect, dark green culms, taking on a crimson tint when exposed to the sun. Column-like shape; supple, dense foliage, concentrated around the culm, from top to bottom.
Fastiuosa’s straight shape allows it to be great to use for decorative effects. It’s a wonderful bamboo when used as a screen because it’s an excellent windbreaker.

medium2jpgKey Features:

  • Ornamental value, because of its very erect form, very formal looking bamboo. The wine coloring it achieves with age just adds to the beauty and interest.

  • Great for a bamboo “avenue”, such as an entry driveway

  • Great for narrow screens, due to its short branches.

  • Great for your Private Paradise, a live bamboo walled outdoor room.

  • Bonsai look can be achieved by cutting main branches, responds by sending may small branchettes creating alternating “puffs”.

  • One of our most popular screening bamboos.

Max Local Hieght: 14-25ft.
Origin: South Japan


Temple Bamboo


Temple Bamboo












Temple Bamboo Leaves


Temple Bamboo Shoot












Phyllostachys Aurea
Common Name: Golden Bamboo

Characteristics: Several short internodes at the base of some of its culms.
Golden bamboo came from the Japanese and Chinese immigrants. They would put bamboo in suitcases and crates for something they could remember of their old home when they came to live in America. Golden bamboo became the most popular here in California because it was among the hardiest bamboo in Asia and survived the long travel from Asia to America. The most commonly cultivated bamboo in the United States.


Golden Bamboo Culms

Key Features:

  • Ornamental Value, short base internodes, culms prized for crafts because of this feature

  • Great in pots. Takes neglect very well, very hardy bamboo.

  • Drought tolerant once established

  • Good Screen candidate

Max Local Hieght: 10-16ft.


Golden Bamboo










Phyllostachys Aurea Koi
Common Name: Koi Bamboo

Characteristics: Culms green at first becoming yellow with green sulcus after a few months and with compressed nodes at the base.
Koi does very well in pots and indoors and doesn’t spread quickly. The compressed nodes on the base of the plant resembles the hand grip on a walking stick. It grows best in a warm and sunny environment.
Related to Golden bamboo.

Key Features:

  • Ornamental value, the qualities of golden in a colorful version

  • Good in Pots

  • Good indoors

  • Good screen candidate

Max Local Hieght: 10-16ft.
Origin: China


Koi Bamboo


Koi Bamboo Culm












Phyllostachys Bissetii
Common Name: Bissetii Bamboo

Characteristics: Shiny, dark green culms and leaves.
Bissetii can withstand dry and cold environments. This beautiful bamboo also grows well in pots. It’s very vigorous and dense making it an exceptional privacy screen and windbreaker.


Bissetii Bamboo Culm

Key Features:

  • Dense green foliage.

  • This is one of the fastest growers. When installed with rhyzome barrier you can achieve a very dense screen in only one year.

  • Great sweet shoots, tastes like sweet peas.

  • Great in pots.

  • Small rhyzomes enable a privacy screen in very narrow spaces.

Max Local Hieght: 16-20ft.
Origin: China


Bissetii Bamboo