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Giant Timber Bamboo

Phyllostachys Bambusoides VIVAX
Common Name: Vivax Timber

Characteristics: Very similar in appearance to Madake but the culms have thinner walls.  Vivax is a bit more cold tolerant and reaches a larger  size much faster than Madake. Has a white powdery band beneath each node at sheath-fall. Gray-green when mature.


Giant Timber Bamboo

Key Features:

  • Can withstand very dry and cold environments.

  • This is one of the fastest to large size timber bamboos.

  • It creates a very green spectacular tall screen or as a large specimen.

  • Vivax is a must have for bamboo lovers, the sheer size as it gets to 30′ plus is just impressive.  At 30′ their diameter is 2.5″.

  • On our farm we have a 500 foot long vivax screen on the road frontage that creates privacy with a spectacular green backdrop for smaller bamboo varieties.

  • During shooting season, these new culms can grow over a foot a day! They emerge from the ground in April and can reach 60 feet by June!

Max Local Hieght: 40-50ft.
Origin: Chekiang, China


Vivax Bamboo


Vivax Culm












Phyllostachys Rubromarginata
Common Name: Rubro

Characteristics: Has a green to yellow culm with unbranched nodes. The leaves are large, small auricles with short bristles, ligule with long dark-red fringe. The culm-sheath is olive-green, reddish towards the tip and with a dark-red border.
Rubromarginata’s height and flexibility makes it an excellent windbreaker and privacy screen!

Key Features:

  • Very dark green year round.

  • Noted for its good quality wood.

  • Very sweet edible shoots, you can break off a shoot and eat it raw, tastes like a sweet pea. It tolerates cold and dry winds.

  • Rubo is an excellent bamboo for a tall compact screen.

  • Very fast grower. At our farm they are at 30feet tall and 1.5″ diameter.

Max Local Hieght: 40-50ft.
Origin: China


Rubro Bamboo


Rubro Bamboo