Paso Bamboo Farm & Nursery

Farm & Nursery Tour

Our farm consists of 40 acres and is bisected by the Salinas river. We have devoted about 13 acres of land on both sides of the river as a wilderness area. This is a beautiful area that changes every year with the river movement. We also have 7 acres planted in olive trees, some pasture land, a large koi pond and 4 acres devoted to bamboo. We have various areas where we are beginning to develop bamboo gardens including around our new home we built. (See photos below).

We tried ┬áhard to give you a sense of the bamboo beauty at our farm, but I don’t think we came even close to capturing the true beauty. You must visit and see for yourself. Early mornings are my favorite, but at any time you can appreciate the uniqueness of a bamboo grove.


Our bamboo tower signals our driveway entrance


Keep an eye out for our Bamboo Water Tower signaling the upcoming entrance













View of Bamboo Groves from hill


A little bit of paradise, this is the entrance to one of two timber groves, some very special spaces on this tour.










500′ Madake screen along our road frontage


Driveway Entrance









Our Bamboo Customer Hut


Come visit, you’ll be welcomed like a good friend.













We have several tours, there nothing like walking through a mature bamboo grove, I highly recommend it


Bamboo fencing – storage area














Temple Bamboo, you must walk inside the temple grove, it’s very lush and tropical, your stress level will drop to zero!


Inside our vivax grove











Vivax Bamboo Grove


Our old western outhouse