Paso Bamboo Farm & Nursery

Bamboo Uses

You can make and infinite amount of things with bamboo culms (i.e. a bamboo stick). A bamboo culm lives for about 8-10 years. As they age, their vigor lessons, and fewer leaves will re-leaf in the spring, the canes yellow more in contrast to the new culms being mint green.  When you see those culms age, remove them by cutting them a the ground level with a pruning saw or some strong loper shears.

Now you can make all kinds of fun stuff with your bamboo canes. I urge you to Google “bamboo crafts” in image search mode. If you like to use your hands and have some imagination, you can really have fun harvesting your older bamboo canes. One of my dreams came true when we were able to harvest enough timber bamboo to make our 30 foot bamboo tower marking our entrance. Assembling it was quite an adventure.   Our customer bamboo hut was another fun project (see it in the Farm and Nursery Tour section), this would make a great bar in your private paradise.

A Grow some bamboo, you’ll enjoy every phase, as a unique landscape plant, for food in a great stir fry and later for crafts. We don’t waste any part at our farm. When we clean our groves of the older culms, we make bamboo mulch by chipping what we can’t use as bamboo sticks. We sell a wide assortment of bamboo sticks, come by if you want to build something right away. Our bamboo mulch then goes right back to feeding new bamboos!

A Mechanical Engineering student from California Polytechnic State University made a bike from our vivax bamboo for his senior project. By the way, he got a solid A! This was a great bike, incredibly light, but strong. Blair said it rode great! This is another project for me, but in a couple of years.

All the joints were done with hemp fiber and a clear epoxy. They were very strong. I was truly impressed by Blair’s design and craftsmanship.


Bamboo Bike


Gavino (left) and Blair (right)


Back tire




With a bit of ingenuity, we crafted a very handy bottle opener that you will sure enjoy to use and never loose! Just a bit of putty epoxy to hold the metal opener very firm. My next bamboo project is a wine cork puller. These make a great unique gifts, that are very easy to make. Nothing like giving a hand made gift that you also grew!


Bamboo bottle opener