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Privacy Screens


Bamboo makes the most beautiful and tailorable privacy screen. No other option comes close to providing a tall and complete screen instantly.

Most zoning restrictions limit fence heights to 5′ or 6′. With bamboo you can choose the height of your screen, the fullness, the width and can add color by mixing in some of the more exotic colored bamboos. Thus, bamboo allows you to custom tailor your screen to your site and aesthetic preferences.

To guide your bamboo and prevent its spread to undesired areas, a rhizome barrier 27 inches deep is installed around the perimeter of your hedge area. Best yet, your hedge will stay green year round and does not require expensive trimming and maintenance associated with conventional shrub hedges.





Finishing a Full size Temple Bamboo Privacy Screen to block next door 2nd story windows

Thprivacy-screen1e screen candidates are many, but one or our favorites is Temple Bamboo. The canes are incredibly vertical and straight to about 20 feet, the branches are short about 1 foot, and it branches all the way down. Thus, providing a compact, upright green screen. It has a compact growth habit that provides a dense screen and stays within your desired boundaries. The canes are initially green then turn to a reddish wine color that are very smooth and round.

If a faster fill-in is desired, bisetti is a great candidate. It is a vigorous grower. Bisetti has very dark green leaves and grows to about 20 feet. It also grows quite upright, but has more arch than temple bamboo.

For taller needs with fast fill-in, Rubro is an exceptional candidate, it will tower to 30 – 40 feet. Very dark green tall and erect bamboo.



  • For “privacy” as shown upper pictures with a full size temple screen

  • To cover unsightly water tanks and protect plastic tank material while keeping your water fresh.

  • To partially screen a South-West facing window for reduced glare and reduced heat input.

  • To Partition large acreage with a green border-fence.


Creating a Private Paradise to relax Bessetti bamboo in raised beds


Installing a Temple Bamboo Partition in our back yard – 2010


Completed Installation – 2010


Temple Bamboo Partition in 2011, @1yr


Temple Bamboo Partition in 2012 @2yr (side 1)


Temple Bamboo Partition in 2012 @2yr (side 2) this partition allowed us to create a more intimate space in a large acreage setting.


We also make specialized bamboo planters to provide privacy within hardscaped areas.


Water Tanks to be Screened.


Front View (1) of Vivax Bamboo Hiding Water Tanks after one year -started with 25gal plants.


Front View (2) of Vivax Bamboo complete coverage of Water Tanks, water now remains much cooler and we can’t see our tanks!


Partial Screening of a south-west facing office window. Vivax in half wine barrel. Made a huge difference in the office comfort.